City Hotel Vlissingen

The perfect place for your holiday!

Route description

Because Vlissingen is an old town and has an old city center, we have made a route description to reach the hotel. 

At the end of the A58 (highway) turn left at the traffic lights. After the traincrossing turn left. Follow the road and turn right at the end. Turn left after the bridge. Follow the road (Koningsweg). You see the Shipyard Damen & Amels on your left. Turn right at the end. Follow the road (Gravestraat). Take the fourth (4) street to the right (Wilhelminastraat). Turn left (Nieuwstraat). Take the third (3) street to the right (Provooststraat). Turn right and immediately left (Schuitvlotstraat). Follow the road (Achter de Kerk) and then you enter the Oude Markt. Cross the square and you see the City Hotel Vlissingen in the left corner. You can park your car in front of the hotel to check in and store your luggage. If you enter the town from the other side you can park in the parking garage to check in (de Fonteyne). Or follow the road and cross the large square. At the end turn left into the Wilhelminastraat. Then follow the red arrows. We suggest Free Parking on the Commandoweg after you have checked in. That is a 12 minute walk back to the hotel.